The Cerebral Journey

You’ll accept your electronic proposal and given us bank authorization.

We’ll have an hour long meeting to go over, in fine detail, your finances and other questions you might have.  We’ll ask further questions we have based on the information you’ve provided.

Alexis will spend 2 weeks creating your customized tax plan.

We’ll deliver your plan in a 1.5-2 hour meeting.  We’ll go over the pros and cons of each strategy and you’ll make a decision on which strategy you’d like to implement.

For 2-3 months following, we’ll implement your chosen tax strategy.

The Calendar Year


  • Receive newsletter with tax prep details
  • Client portal ready for uploading tax documents

January - March

  • Once all docs are received tax return is prepared and sent to client for review
  • Client signs Efile authorization
  • Cerebral files the return and sends client notification that IRS has received
  • S-corp & and Partnership Tax Return deadline is March 15


  • Cerebral starts work on extensions
  • Individual, C-corp, and Trust Tax Returns deadline is April 15th

May - June

  • Semi-annual meetings are held  
  • You'll receive a mini projection and we'll continue to focus on lowering tax liability


  • Extended partnership, S-corp, and trust returns deadline is Sept. 15


  • Extended personal and C-corp returns deadline is Oct. 15
  • Year end tax planning. You’ll receive a request for info via the client portal.

November - December

  • Reviewing and implementing year end tax strategies

All information requested is due on the following dates.

(This is to ensure the proper filing deadline is met.  If your information
is not received by these dates, you’ll incur a 35% rush fee.)

February 15th

For tax returns

Partnerships, S-corps and Trusts

March 20th

For tax returns

Individual and C-corps

August 20th

For tax return extensions

Partnerships, S-corps and Trusts

September 20th

For tax return extensions

Individual and C-corp

Due dates for filing tax returns:  All information is requested so your tax return is filed on the appropriate due date. 

For partnerships, S-corps, and trusts (all requested info in by Feb 15) in order to file by March 15.

For individuals and C-corps (all requested info in by Mar 20) in order to file by April 15th.