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How to make sure you keep your retirement money

Most people, regardless of how much income they earn, are taught that setting aside money in an employer-sponsored and/or individual retirement account is the best way to ensure that money will beRead more

What is income shifting, and how can it reduce my tax burden?

The ability to create more cash flow from the money you already make is a key step towards building true wealth. One way to accomplish this is through a strategy known as income shifting.  IncomeRead more

What changes does the Secure Act bring? How might physicians be affected?

At the end of 2019, the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) act was signed into law, bringing in new changes and adaptations with regards to retirement savings.  On theRead more

Where to start with choosing an entity

Okay, let’s start at the very beginning - what actually is an entity? A business entity is an organization that has been created by one or more people to carry on a trade or business. We’re goingRead more

5 success rules for your S-corp

So you’ve set yourself up as an S-corporation.  As your business grows, it’s great to think about yourself as a separate entity from the business, so you’re not muddying the waters betweenRead more

Tax Tip Tuesday: Passive Income

*this is a transcript taken from our weekly Tax Tip Tuesday videos on Youtube.  You can watch it here. Hey everyone. Welcome to another Tax Tip Tuesday. My name is Alexis Gallati with Cerebral TaxRead more

Tax Tip Tuesday- 2019 Year-end tax tips to lower your liability

*this is a transcript taken from our Tax Tip Tuesday videos. You can find the full version on Youtube here. Hey everyone, welcome to another Tax Tip Tuesday. My name is Alexis Gallati, and I'm withRead more

Tax Tip Tuesday- The Augusta Rule

*this is a transcript taken from our Tax Tip Tuesday videos.  You can watch the whole thing on Youtube here.Read more

How Locum Tenens can register a tax ‘home’ while working in different states

Becoming a Locum Tenens Physician is ideal if you want to take your work across the country. You’ll be in a position of greater work flexibility, be able to explore different states and cities, andRead more

Tax Tip Tuesday: Employee vs. independent contractor

Hey everyone, welcome to another Tax Tip Tuesday. Today, I'm going to be discussing the difference between employees versus independent contractors. This is a really important topic because if youRead more

Tax Tip Tuesday: Records to keep when building a house

*this transcript was taken from our Tax Tip Tuesday post on Youtube.  You can watch the video here.Read more

How industry expertise and a detailed plan will save one physician over $145,000 over the next 5 years

When David reached out to Cerebral for help, tax planning became more than just saving money. He was able to walk away with a long term financial plan. David had never had a tax conversation thatRead more

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Advanced Tax Planning for Medical Professionals

As a medical professional, you received years of education and training in your field of expertise. Yet not one class covered how to run a business, let alone how to manage your personal finances.

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This book provides a foundation for basic and advanced tax planning. You’ll read real-life examples of medical professionals who saved big just by using these strategies. You’ll also receive exclusive tax strategy resources to help you get started right away.

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