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We specialize in tax planning for doctors, physicians, and medical professionals.
We guarantee we will 2x your investment in the design of your tax plan.

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Why is it important to have a CPA specializing in physicians?

Doctors, physicians, and medical professionals in general spend many years learning how to keep their patients healthy but, unfortunately, when it comes to growing and protecting their own wealth they have a hard time finding accurate and useful information.

That’s where having a CPA specializing in physicians on their side can be really helpful. The last thing they want is for their savings, investments and assets to be lost unnecessarily to taxes – both now and in the future.

For medical professionals who are bringing in a healthy income, taxes can typically take the first third of their pay – that is, if they don’t have a solid tax strategy in place. Plus, if they own a home, a vehicle, and a growing medical practice, revolving debt can take yet another third of their income. That leaves them with only one third of their income and there’s no easy fix for putting more cash in their pockets.

That’s why having a solid tax and financial plan in place made by an accountant for medical professionals is essential for ensuring that they (rather than Uncle Sam) remain in control of what they’ve earned.


So, what’s the answer? Specialized tax planning for doctors

For most medical professionals, the best option is to implement tax planning strategies that lower or even eliminate their taxes. While there are many tax-saving strategies available, many financial, insurance, and estate planning professionals only use the more basic ones.

On the other hand, a tax advisor who specializes in tax planning for doctors can provide with additional tax-reduction opportunities that can:

  • Lower the taxable income
  • Reduce the overall tax rate
  • Utilize available tax deductions and credits

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Why Choose Cerebral Tax Advisors?

Cerebral Tax Advisor has already been beneficial to hundreds of physicians. We are so sure that we can be beneficial to you that we guarantee your investment in the design of your tax plan will be doubled when you partner with us.

For Physicians

We specialize in tax planning for doctors and have been working with physicians all over the country for 20+ years, helping them become tax efficient and build wealth

Focused on ROI

There is no reason to work with us if we can’t save you money! That’s why we guarantee we will 2x your investment in the design of your tax plan.

Audit avoidance

All of our tax strategies are court-tested and IRS approved to save you tax. We will not recommend a strategy that we do not feel comfortable defending in an audit.

What Our Physician Clients Say About Us?

Our clients see an average 100%-250% return on investment in tax planning

Alexis Gallati’s “Advanced Tax Planning For Medical Professionals” was featured as the #1 top book recommendation of White Coat Investors “Great Financial 2020 Books to Check Out!

It provides a foundation for basic and advanced tax planning with real-life examples of medical professionals who saved big by using these tax planning strategies.

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Featuring Guest Speaker: Alexis Gallati

Topic: Maximizing your tax benefits as a locum tenens physician

Webinar | Weatherby Helathcare

Featuring Guest Speaker: Alexis Gallati

Topic: Keeping more of what you earn as a locum tenens physician

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