Our clients see an average 100%-250% return on investment in tax planning.

We help Medical Professionals become tax efficient and build wealth.

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Benefits of effective Tax Planning:

[x] Increase retirement savings

[x] Reduce Tax Liability

[x] Eliminate Surprises

[x] Achieve Financial Independece

The biggest mistake that most people make when it comes to taxes is failing to plan.

Her tax planning and strategies were exactly what we were looking for. Her expertise and understanding of our situation has saved us thousands of dollars.

Nelz & Dr. Krystal Samuel (Tigard, OR)

Why Choose Cerebral Tax Advisors?

For Physicians

We specialize in Medical Professionals and work with physicians all over the country, helping them become tax efficient and build wealth

Focused on ROI

There is no reason to work with us if we can’t save you money! That’s why we guarantee that we will 2x your investment and have transparent pricing and a no “nickel and dime” policy.

Audit avoidance

All of our tax strategies are court-tested and IRS approved to save you tax. We will not recommend a strategy that we do not feel comfortable defending in an audit.

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About Alexis

  • 12+ Years of experience 
  • 400+ high-level tax planning strategies
  • Multi-state tax preparation
  • Master of Science in Taxation
  • Certified Tax Planner & Coach
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Author of the book “Advanced Tax Planning for Medical Professionals”.
  • Grew up in a family of physicians, is married to one, and has been through many of the same financial scenarios you’ve been through

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Are we a fit?

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  • Are you ready to work with a proactive advisor throughout the year?

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During this initial virtual meeting, we’ll take some time to get to know each other and discuss your needs and concerns. In that process, Alexis will gather the necessary information to start her assessment of your tax situation.

All records and tax strategies will be reviewed. We will verify whether accounting procedures have been set up properly and look for all available tax saving deductions.

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Since Cerebral, I’ve experienced a marked reduction in the amount of taxes I’ve had to pay yearly, as well as a vastly increased knowledge of tax strategies for my business.”

Dr. David Eskind (Nashville, TN)

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