We are Cerebral Tax Advisors. We’re not the tax people you’re used to hearing about

In the first year alone, our clients see an average 100%-250% return on investment in tax planning and strategy services.

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Like many medical professionals we talk to, it’s highly likely you’ve been the target of some financial scammers. “Advisors” who promise the world but only care about their own bank account or selling products.  

I know because it’s happened to me too. Being in a family of physicians, and then being married to one, has opened my eyes to the world of dishonest people who try to take advantage of physicians in practice.

At Cerebral, we care about your taxes the way you care about your patients.

It all starts with trust.

We guarantee a 100% return on investment on the design of our tax plans. Read more

Our core values:

Your Best Interests

You can’t get to your wealth goals without trusting your tax advisor. We do what is best for our clients and not for our pocketbooks through communication and building relationships from a place of honesty and integrity. Our tax saving and tax planning strategies are unique for each client.

Knowledge seekers

We’re dedicated to keeping up with the latest tax industry trends and expanding our education and skills throughout the year.

Communication is King

Our virtual office is always open. When you’re on call, when you’re drinking that 4th cup of coffee at 2am. Day or night, you can rely on us.You’ll receive detailed, accurate answers to your questions in less than 48hrs.

Do Unto Others

We treat our clients like we want to be treated using a professional service. Our team members and clients are our family – we love our family and want to do right by them. 

Easy, efficient, secure

It’s our job to make your experience with us as easy and efficient as possible without sacrificing results. 

Focused on ROI

There is no reason to work with us if we can’t save you money! That’s why we guarantee a 100% return on your investment and have transparent pricing and a no “nickel and dime” policy.

Audit avoidance

All of our tax strategies are court-tested and IRS approved to save you tax. We will not recommend a tax planning or tax saving strategy that we do not feel comfortable defending in an audit. 

We support Private Practice Physicians and
healthcare professionals at all stages of their career

Our clients have these things in common:

They’ve got grit

A strong work ethic, resilience and determination has enabled them to get to where they are.

They’re big on trust
and loyalty

They do what they say and don’t care for nickel and diming.  Neither do we.

They’re Rocks

For their patients, for their co-workers, for their families. They prioritize the importance of care, and care about what’s truly important.

“Alexis has been a huge help for us. We couldn’t recommend her services more! Her tax planning and strategies were exactly what we were looking for. Her expertise and understanding of our situation has saved us thousands of dollars. We are so grateful for her and tell our friends about her. She’d be a great help to any other physician as well.”

Nelz & Dr. Krystal Samuel

Tigard, OR

We’re not just here to give you back lost money. We’re here to give you back lost time.

Time to spend with family, on growing a practice, and on living your passion.

Your tax journey

The tax strategy varies but the journey is the same. You’ll receive a uniquely designed Tax Blueprint which will be implemented with Cerebral’s Tax Operating System (TOS) to guarantee a 100% return on investment. Your tax plan and all your tax service needs will be maintained in one of our Tax Maintenance Packages.


We’ll get to know each other and discuss your needs and concerns. We’ll gather the necessary details to start your tax situation’s assessment.


We design a tax plan to optimize your current financial situation for tax efficiency through court-tested, IRS approved tax strategies.


TOS is the “Tax Operating System” we use to help you implement the tax strategies you decide to move forward with in an efficient and effective manner


With a monthly Tax Maintenance Package you’ll have the annual and on-going tax services you need to maintain and update your tax plan and continue to put more money in your pocket.

We guarantee a 100% return on investment on the design of our tax plans. Read more

Don’t neglect your financial health any longer.

Practice some self-care.

Credentials & Affiliates

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