We'll treat your taxes the way
you treat your patients

You didn’t learn about tax in med school.  

Nobody told you what to do about your student loan debt, how to save, what to invest in,
or what happens when you go from making nothing to making a lot.

We know what it’s like – we’ve been there!

We understand better than most how quickly your hard
earned money can disappear
if you’re not watching it carefully.
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We support Private Practice Physicians and
healthcare professionals at all stages of their career

Our clients have these things in common:

They’ve got grit

A strong work ethic, resilience and determination has enabled them to get to where they are.

They’re big on trust
and loyalty

They do what they say and don't care for nickel and diming.  Neither do we.

They’re Rocks

For their patients, for their co-workers, for their families. They prioritize the importance of care, and care about what’s truly important.

We have our own rules of practice too:


Our advice and support is always rooted in a desire to make your life better.


We say never judge a person before you’ve walked a mile in their scrubs. We’ve been through what you’re going through, and we always approach a solution with your best interests at heart.


Our virtual office is always open. When you’re on call, when you’re drinking that 4th cup of coffee at 2am. Day or night, you can rely on us.

nelz and dr krystal samuel

"Alexis has been a huge help for us. We couldn't recommend her services more! Her tax planning and strategies were exactly what we were looking for. Her expertise and understanding of our situation has saved us thousands of dollars. We are so grateful for her and tell our friends about her. She'd be a great help to any other physician as well."

Nelz & Dr. Krystal Samuel

Tigard, OR

We’re not just here to give you back lost tax. We’re here to give you back lost time.

Time to spend with family, on growing a practice, and on living your passion.

Don’t neglect your financial health any longer.

Practice some self-care.


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PPP Loan Forgiveness - Action Steps

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