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An introduction to tax planning and tax saving strategies for medical professionals and physicians.

Learn more about the Cerebral way of tax planning and how it works for physicians.

As a medical professional, you received years of education and training in your field of expertise. Yet not one class covered how to run a business, let alone how to manage your personal finances and taxes.

It’s exhausting to finally reach a high level of income, only to lose thousands in tax.

This book provides a foundation for basic and advanced tax planning. You’ll read real-life examples of medical professionals who saved big just by using these strategies. You’ll also receive exclusive tax strategy resources to help you get started right away.

We’re not just here to give you back lost tax. We’re here to give you back lost time.

  • Discover the best investments for tax savings.
  • Learn how to put tax deductions, write-offs and loopholes to use for you.
  • Find the best tax pro for you.