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Alexis Gallati, renowned tax advisor and founder of Cerebral Tax Advisors, is recognized by the industry as a leader in tax planning strategies. She has appeared on numerous webinars and events and has been featured in specialized news outlets and magazines

Webinar and Podcast Appearances

The White Coat Investor

Topic: Lesser Known Tax Strategies – WCI Podcast #353

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Wealth Building Tactics Uncovered: Insights from Tax Strategist Alexis Gallati

The Art of Medicine

Cerebral Tax Advisors: An interview with Founder Alexis Gallati

Accelerate Your Business Growth

Tax Planning Mastery

Financial Flossing

Ep 131: Tax Planning Can Save You Money

The Common Cents Show

Year End Tax Planning for Business Owners with Alexis Gallati

The Doc Lounge Podcast

Ask the Expert Series: Alexis E. Gallati, Founder and Lead Tax Strategist at Cerebral Tax Advisors

PracticeCare Podcast

Alexis Gallati on Year Round Tax Planning


Maximizing your tax benefits as a locum tenens physician

Weatherby Healthcare

Keeping more of what you earn as a locum tenens physician

Marketing Tips for Doctors

Tax Strategies for Medical Professionals

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