Our Pricing: The Cerebral Difference

One of the most frequent comments I receive from potential clients is “I am really surprised by your higher prices. It is not what I am used to but then again, you are different from my current tax advisor. Can you please explain how your services vary from my current advisor to justify the higher prices?” It’s a great question and I wanted to provide the top 3 reasons why Cerebral is different and why so many physicians choose to work with us.

1) I have been through so many of the same financial scenarios you have been through. 

My physician husband, Chris, and I met the second week of college before he even knew he would go into medical school. We went from living like a pauper to an attending salary overnight without Chris receiving an ounce of financial education through medical school and residency. We were blessed that I went through undergrad and graduate school for accountancy but it was still a shock to our finances nonetheless. Navigating through student loan debt, investing, real estate, and simple cash flow budgeting was at the top of my education list.

2) We are proactive tax advisors.

 The majority of my clients come to me because they are used to only speaking to their tax advisor once a year during tax season. They are used to their tax advisors only recording their history (aka their tax returns) and being reactive, only talking to their clients if the client asks them questions. Cerebral is the opposite. We are PROACTIVE to your tax situation, working with you throughout the year to update your tax plan for the change in your tax situation and changing tax law. On average, our clients receive about 10 hours of consulting a year in addition to their tax preparation, planning, and representation. At my hourly rate of $275 an hour, you can see where our packages are loaded with a ton of value. 

3) Our commitment to amazing communication is central to our mission. 

I onboarded a new physician client tonight and the first comment she made to me was about the disappointment she has for her current advisor because she asked them a question a week ago and they still haven’t returned her phone call.  That’s unacceptable. Cerebral has a commitment to getting back to your phone call or email within 24-48 business hours. Even if we don’t have an answer because it requires some additional research or we are at a conference, we will provide a firm day of when we will get back to you so you don’t feel ignored. 

We offer video and screencast tools that provide clear and timely communication. For example, if I prepare a tax projection for you to estimate your tax liability for the year, I will prepare a screencast video of your tax projection explaining your results. This video will be sent to you and saved in your portal for review at your convenience.

Also, at Cerebral, we understand your busy schedules. To accommodate your long-days and on-call schedules, we offer evening and weekend appointments when needed. Our online portal also gives you 24/7/365 days a year access to your tax records and our communication platforms.

I hope this video provides you some insight about why Cerebral is different. Now it’s time to get started. Download our pricing guide to learn more about our flat, no surprises monthly rates and I look forward to speaking with you soon!