Alexis E. Gallati


After over 12 successful years working for other certified public accounting firms, Alexis Gallati founded Gallati Professional Services (GPS) in 2014, specializing in comprehensive tax planning for accomplished medical professionals. In 2019, GPS rebranded to Cerebral Tax Advisors. Not only does she have extensive experience in high-level tax planning strategies and multi-state tax preparation, but she has trained at the highest level, holding two master degrees, and serves as an Enrolled Agent, NTPI Fellow, and Certified Tax Planner.

When she’s not busy helping her clients succeed, she spends her time with her physician husband, Chris, and their four young children. She is also an avid equestrian and enjoys learning new technologies.

I understand where you’re coming from. 

Growing up in a family of physicians, and later marrying a physician, I understand how much hard work you’ve put in to get where you are now. I also see how often other people try to take advantage of your successes, siphoning away your money any chance they get. That’s why I’m here to be your confidant, someone you can trust to give you sound tax advice.

When my husband and I got married, he was incredibly busy with med school. Given my background in accounting and tax, I’ve always been in charge of looking after our family’s finances, meaning I always knew where our paycheck was going, and, most importantly, how much we were paying in taxes — and it was way too much! To give you an idea, the first three months of my husband’s paycheck were going straight to the IRS. Those were hours that were no longer available for him to spend with our family or to put towards his growing practice.  

That’s when I realized that, although my undergraduate and graduate work had taught me how to track money and payments, it was only after the fact! It didn’t teach me how to proactively set up a person or a business to reduce or eliminate those costly payments in the first place. I quickly became determined to go beyond the standard accounting training to figure out how to keep more of our hard earned money. 

I discovered that many of the tax strategies that we think are only available to the super wealthy, also work really well for businesses that make $350k and more. These tried and true legal tax strategies have allowed our family, and my client’s families, to spend more time together, contribute to our retirement, set up college funds for our children, and invest more in the things we are passionate about.