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Did you have a great experience with Cerebral and know someone who may benefit from our services?

Refer your friends and colleagues to us! They’ll get a FREE Tax Solution Session and you will get rewarded too.

How It Works?


Refer a friend or colleague


They get a FREE paperback book


You get
rewarded too

1) Refer a friend or colleague

It’s super easy.  Just send an email introducing Cerebral to your friend/colleague and make sure to CC us on the email (

Once we receive your email, we will personally get in touch with the referred person to schedule their first call.

Not sure what to include in the introductory email? To make it even easier we drafted an email copy that you can use, but feel free to change it as much as you want.

See the email example

2) Your friend/colleague receives a FREE paperback copy of the new edition of the book “Advanced Tax Planning for Medical Professionals”

Right after you send an introductory email we’ll mail your friend a printed copy of Alexis’ most recent book, “Advanced Tax Planning for Medical Professionals”.

This book provides a comprehensive overview of basic and advanced tax planning, and will help your friend effectively reference topics covered during the Tax Discovery Session and any future tax planning sessions.

3) You get rewarded too

For every person that you refer to us who becomes a Cerebral client, we will give you a $500 gift. 

You can choose to receive it as:

  1. A gift card, 
  2. Apply it as credit towards future services with Cerebral, or 
  3. Have us donate it to the charity of your choice.  

The best compliment we can receive is a referral from one of our valued clients!

Email Example

Subject: A tax advisor you may be interested in

Hi [friend/colleague], I hope all is well with you.  I want to introduce you to Alexis Gallati and the Cerebral Tax Advisors team as their services may be beneficial to you too. I have been working with Alexis to help me achieve my financial goals, and she asked me if there was anyone else who may benefit from their expertise, so I thought of you.

I believe you may already be working with another tax advisor or CPA, but Alexis impressed me so much that I thought I’d share! 

If you don’t mind she will be reaching out to you in the next couple of days to get to know you and discuss your needs and concerns.  

In the meanwhile, feel free to check out their website to learn more about Cerebral Tax Advisors:


[Your Name]

Did we provide a great service but you don’t have anyone to refer at this moment? We would appreciate it if you can leave us a compliment.