Prevention is better than cure

Why is tax season so daunting? 

Well, we all fear the unknown. And for many business owners, April is the month of the unknown. How much money will I owe? How much money will I have left? What are the consequences of that financial decision I made earlier in the year?

Many tax preparers miss crucial opportunities to save their clients money before tax season begins. We believe in being proactive rather than reactive. Tax season is smooth sailing when you have an all-year plan.

“I was looking for the exact opposite of what I had in a tax advisor. Everything before was basic and not tailored to my specific situation. Cerebral is a great fit for us.

They cater to physician families and spend time discussing which option to pursue. Since Cerebral, I’ve experienced a marked reduction in the amount of taxes I have had to pay yearly as well as a vastly increased knowledge of tax strategies for my business.”

Dr. David Eskind (Nashville, TN)

Tax Planning

No more stressful tax surprises

When you’re scrubbing in, you don’t want to be worrying about an upcoming tax bill. But chances are, like many business owners, you dread tax season. We don’t blame you – we’ve been through that pain ourselves. It’s hard to move forward when you don’t know how much money you’re about to lose to the government, and how hard it’s going to hit your work and your family.

We work with you to create a strategic plan you can apply throughout the year, to minimize your tax obligations and save you thousands in the long run. 

We’ll give you a clear roadmap to guide you through all financial decisions that could incur tax consequences, so that you have the confidence to take opportunities and avoid pitfalls. No more stressful surprises.

Tax Preparation

You didn’t go to school to become a tax code expert

Don’t worry, because we did! We work virtually with you so it’s quick and easy to file your taxes no matter where you are in the country. You can take care of your patients while we take care of:

  • Personal tax – Filing a personal tax return can be just as daunting as a business tax return. If you’re overwhelmed by the process, it can lead to costly mistakes. Instead of trying to translate complicated tax code, let us take it off your hands. 
  • Corporate and Partnership Tax – Federal and state tax regulations are constantly in flux. We help you to understand your obligations and apply tax strategies to improve your bottom line. We’re here to help you avoid mistakes, but ultimately to put your business in the best position for growth. 
  • Estate, Trust, and Gift Tax – You may quickly find yourself in charge of an estate or trust with little to no warning, leaving you feeling unprepared and overwhelmed during an already stressful time in your life. Our experts are here to help you prepare your tax filings properly, and give you the confidence you need in your role as a trustee or personal representative. 

Tax planning is why you come, tax maintenance is why you stay.

You wouldn’t let your patients get away with only coming in when they are sick.  Continued check-ups accompanied by healthy diet and exercise are the proven ways to stay well.  Your taxes work the same way.  Preparing and coming up with a plan (or cure) is good, but maintaining it is great.

Tax Representation

Back up when you most need it

Getting news of an audit sounds like your worst nightmare. Beyond finding the time to get the necessary paperwork in order, it can be nearly impossible to untangle and understand the complicated tax laws that may apply to your case.

With a federally-licensed Enrolled Agent at your side, you can breathe easier. We’re up to date on the nuances of the IRS tax code and have many years of experience dealing with the IRS and various tax authorities. With us at your side, you can be confident that you are being properly and aggressively represented before federal and state tax agencies.

And we’ll be with you every step of the way.

  • We will sit down with you to review your notice. We will go over it together, and we’ll explain everything.We will help you collect the documents you need for the audit.
  • If any issues come up, we are prepared. If necessary, research will be done for the specific details pertaining to your case.
  • We will go over the audit determination with you, and give you a clear explanation of what it all means.
  • If your situation warrants an appeal, we will be there, guiding and helping you through the tax representation process.

Alexis found a smart (and legal) way to decrease our taxes that no other advisor has ever bothered to consider. Her processes are excellent and up to date. So happy we found her!

Dr. Hillary Seger (Ashland, OR)

Other Services

Looking at the bigger picture

Outsourced Virtual Bookkeeping

Does your bookkeeping consist of a cell phone calculator and shoebox?

Nowadays, using digital accounting software is a no brainer. All of those manual chores you’re resentfully powering through each month can be taken care of anywhere, on any device, and can save you valuable time. 

Bookkeeping isn’t just about dotting i’s and crossing t’s. Having regularly updated information and instant access to your numbers means that you can make decisions about cashflow fast, and then get back to doing what you love. 

But you don’t need to worry about hiring an in-house bookkeeper to do all of this. We can prepare your bookkeeping remotely whether you’re in New York City or New Orleans. 

Business Consulting

Just like raising a child, it takes a village to grow your business into a successful enterprise.

Many people think that tax specialists and accountants are just number crunchers. At Cerebral we don’t just work for your business, we work within it. We’re always looking at the bigger picture with the aim of helping you make the right decisions so that you can build and grow a profitable business. 

We advise on:

  • Small business start-up
  • Selection of the right structure – SMLLC, S-Corporation, C-Corporation, Partnership
  • Correct recording of income and expenses
  • Incorporation and business formation assistance
  • Choosing the right retirement plan
  • Office in the Home eligibility
  • QuickBooks Online 

What we don’t do


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Financial Audits

Financial Compilations

Financial Reviews

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