Advanced Tax Planning for Medical Professionals: A Concise Guide to Tax Reduction Strategies

Resources for Your Tax Planning Journey

We hope you enjoyed reading “Advanced Tax Planning for Medical Professionals: A Concise Guide to Tax Reduction Strategies”. Please feel free to download the following “extras” to help you start your tax planning journey! Be sure to bookmark this site as we will be adding useful resources as we develop them. If you have any questions about these forms or would like assistance with your tax plan, please reach out to us at 865-281-1461 or through the contact page.

Physician Expense Worksheet

Office in Home Worksheet

Online Tax Payment Websites

Accountable Plans

Business Entity Comparison Guide

Business entities are confusing enough! Use this handy comparison chart to easily learn about their differences and similarities.

Starting a Business? Learn More About Your State Requirements

I highly recommend starting with’s articles on state requirements to starting a business in your state. Although it is not an all inclusive list it is a great place to start!

Ready to Set-up Your Entity?

Of course, it is HIGHLY recommended to consult your tax advisor about which entity to set up so it is done correctly from the beginning. However, if you choose to do it on your own, we recommend CorpNet. Please use this referral link to ensure you receive premium filing services from CorpNet and to fund Cerebral’s charitable mission (100% of referral commissions go to charity).

Jobs for Children in Your Business

So you’re thinking about hiring your child to shift some of your business income to their lower bracket and save for their retirement or pay for their schooling but having a hard time thinking of legitimate jobs for them. Check out this list for some ideas!

Need Payroll?

Gusto is a payroll provider for those of you not working with a tax advisor and only need one state. Please use this link for payroll filing service (this is also an affiliate link that funds Cerebral’s charitable mission of 100% referral commissions going to charity):

Cerebral’s YouTube Channel

We offer a growing library of short helpful tax tips called “Tax Tip Tuesdays”. They help answer many of clients and fans common questions. Do you have a question you’d like answered? Please send us an email at and we could use your question in our next video!


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